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About Us

KAD’s measure of success may be gauged by the fact that our clients include a large number of multi-national companies (American, European, Asia-Pacific, and GCC companies) that are engaged in multifarious business activities.

Our state-of-the-art services and our Company’s relentless quest for excellence and proficiency towards consumer protection and fair trade competition, places us at the forefront of our chosen field of expertise and enables us to maintain our valued clientele.

Our Client’s and Trademarks’ database is the best evidence we could offer to prove that we are currently acting on behalf of more than 2,500 trademarks and brand names owned by over two hundred (200) international and domestic clients, in their IP protection and enforcement activities. These clients have shown great interest to secure our services either directly or indirectly thru the international firms that KAD had been representing in Saudi Arabia.

To meet the increasing challenges of today’s expanding global market place, KAD’s staff have considerably been restructured to include Lawyers, Legal and Technical Consultants, and qualified Representatives assigned to work at designated areas within the Saudi Customs and in MOCI Branches in the Eastern and Western Regions of Saudi Arabia. It has also augmented its resources of Informants, Investigators and Support Staff. Most of these personnel bring with them their respective substantial experiences of almost 15 years of service in the diverse fields of Intellectual Property.

KAD’S ultimate goal is to become one of the nation’s strategic leader in delivering high-quality standards of service in combating commercial fraud and counterfeiting, imbued with a deep sense of dedication and responsibility in its role as investigator and enforcer of its clients intellectual property rights against infringers and illegal users.  KAD is ready to meet and exceed its clients’ needs and requirements and to provide quality services, while building a strong relationship based on mutual trust, reliability and effectiveness.

Our Mission


To protect the Intellectual Property rights of our valued clients in Saudi Arabia and around the globe, in close cooperation with the Saudi Customs Authorities, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Police Authorities, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Municipality & Rural Affairs, and the Saudi Food and Drug Authority, while keeping pace at meeting the ever-increasing challenges of a new global economy where genuine and even counterfeit goods interplay in the world of free markets.

Our Vision


Endeavoring to be a strategic leader in delivering high- quality standards of service in combating commercial fraud and counterfeiting through Investigative and Enforcement Actions; undertaking Intellectual Property registrations and indispensable protection measures; and implementing defensible courses of actions and remedies that will significantly minimize, if not totally eradicate, the proliferation of counterfeit commodities  – satisfactorily executing  all of  these activities in venues where KAD has set its international footprints.