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Protecting over 2,500 brands & trademarks
We are currently acting on behalf of more than 2,500 trademarks and brand names owned by over two hundred (200) international and domestic clients, in their IP protection and enforcement activities.
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Combating Commercial Fraud
Investigators and enforcers of our clients’ intellectual property rights against the infringers and illegal users
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Quality of information
Our Company’s guiding principle: “The success of any anti-counterfeiting action depends mainly on the quality of information gathered”.
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Training & Sharing
Helps train, educate and guide, by way of conducting seminars and workshops.

Welcome to KAD & Co. International

Intellectual Property Professionals & Consultants

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of unblemished service

Our Company

KAD & Co. International (KAD), as it is known today, had a forerunner entity which had its early beginnings and operations in 2000. After an organizational restructuring, KAD’s juridical status as a Saudi Arabian Professional Partnership was officially established in Riyadh and registered in 2007.  It is now presently managed and staffed by a group of professionals with extensive experience and considerable expertise in the fields of Intellectual Property (IP), legal consultancy, due diligence investigations, marketing and administration and, liaison transactions with all government agencies and bureaus concerned with IP matters.  KAD’s personnel also include experts in organizing workshops and conducting training for all government officers concerned with Intellectual Property protection, investigation and, enforcement. KAD is currently an active member of the International Trademark Association (INTA), the World Association of Detectives (WAD), and the Association of British Investigators (ABI).


Our Mission

To protect the Intellectual Property rights of our valued clients in Saudi Arabia and around the globe, in close cooperation with the Saudi Customs Authorities, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Police Authorities, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Municipality & Rural Affairs, and the Saudi Food and Drug Authority, while keeping pace at meeting the ever-increasing challenges of a new global economy where genuine and even counterfeit goods interplay in the world of free markets.

Our Vision

Endeavoring to be a strategic leader in delivering high- quality standards of service in combating commercial fraud and counterfeiting through Investigative and Enforcement Actions; undertaking Intellectual Property registrations and indispensable protection measures; and implementing defensible courses of actions and remedies that will significantly minimize, if not totally eradicate, the proliferation of counterfeit commodities  – satisfactorily executing  all of  these activities in venues where KAD has set its international footprints.

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With a wide range of services, we provide you with different methods to protect your business.